Another Sleepless Night

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I woke up at 1:30 this morning from another nightmare.  These have been happening more and more as of late. My sleep pattern is a complete mess even though I take my medication regularly. I basically sleep when I'm tired no matter the time of day and only for a few hours at a time.  I know this is not good for me. Usually, after a few days my body 'resets' and I'm back to a normal sleeping pattern, but this go around is relentless.  

Learning to Let Go

Since I started the workbook, the hardest thing for me is having to let go.

One section in the beginning talks about what the reader needs to do in order to create their support system. One example that the author gave was, "break off my relationship with Tracy".

I've learned what else I need to do in order to heal. I need to disconnect from anyone who is/has been unsupportive of me and/or my healing process or anyone who has minimized my experiences.

I'm ready

I'm at work right now, and there's a big knot in my stomach. I spent four years ignoring how I was being abused, and now I'm suffering the consequences of my silence. There are big blocks of informational memory I'm missing, I suppose it's just a method of protecting myself, but not remembering is torture. I was in a horrifyingly abusive relationship for four years--my entire life at high school I was being abused by my boyfriend, and I just let him. It has taken me four years of miseryl to finally admit that.

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Hi this is a message for stacey, my name is nikki, i live in featherstone, west yorkshire, england - i have just finished reading your book, your story is so sad, yet told so beautifully! So glad to see theres a happy ending for you stacey! Such an insparation for everyone all over the world. I was touched so much by the way yourself and christy stuck together through everything, there must be such a special bond between you! Just wanted to say a huge well done to you and christy for coming through everything you have together and forgiving your mother, your father and yourselves!

What A Difference A Week Makes

Things with my mother are a lot better. We fought some last week, but things eventually calmed down. Instead of having me evicted, she decided that she was moving out. After we settled down, things went back to normal and everyone's staying.

Hi im new :)

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i was sexually abused by my sister when iwas 7/8 she wasroughly 15/16.  Iv had problem with my marriage (getting close to people and sex ) and my daughters relationship with me as I have spoilt her basically and protcted her too much.

Seeing Another’s Perspective

I learned an important lesson last week.  Last week I learned that I need to understand what another person thinks and feels in a certain situation.  My entire life, I have only seemed to understand myself.  The reason being, I think, because I was thinking about my bounds and how they were constantly overstepped as a child.  I never really considered the perspective of others because I always felt hurt and pain in my own mind and body.

New Stuff

For one, I wanted to share this video that a friend of mine posted on Monday on Facebook ( She's a childhood friend, but she never knew about the abuse that I suffered, so I thought that it was interesting that I saw this on her timeline. This video introduces an impressive way for children to get help as victims of abuse.

New to the website

Hi. I just signed up to the website. I was sexually abused from the time I was 8 yrs old till I was 13 by an uncle. He went to jail and is out now. I never dealt with it as a child. I'm now 32 yrs old and trying to deal with it. I am currently seeing a therapist who I really like. I really thought I was doing well and something triggered me the other day and now I'm having nightmares again and just cannot get it out of my head. Any thoughts?

Emergency furloughs & justice??

Why do offenders get passes to go to funerals & get a taste of the outside world after taking something precious away from an innocent child.?


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Stacey is free. In January 2009, Missouri Governor Matt Blunt commuted her sentence of life without parole. She is currently speaking out about sexual abuse and sharing her message of love, healing and forgiveness.

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