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I have found what I want to do after I retire:)

I went to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, to volunteer, playing with, and caring for some of the animals there. I went with 3 other ladies, and we had such a good time. We spent most of the time, with the dogs, but one morning, we helped with sheep, goats, and pigs. (I even took a pig for a walk.... He was so cute). It was all quite physical, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I could feel my stress level go lower and lower, with every dog, I walked, and every pan of food, I prepared, and gave. It was an incredible experience to be around that many dogs. Best Friends has figured out the best ways, to house, exercise, feed, and sometimes, rehabilitate animals, from all kinds of unfortunate situations. Some of the dogs were warm and friendly, some shy and fearful...but I loved every one. I adopted a dog from there in July... He is very shy, and needs a lot of help.

I would love to do something like that daily.. Too bad I can't earn enough money, doing that sort of thing. It won't be the last time I go there. We are planning on going again in the spring. If I can feel that happy taking care of animals, I expect my retirement years to be filled with bliss:)


I think that's a great idea to do something with the animals. I have found it really is the most relaxing thing I do with my world. I have found that when I work with them,I can leave everything else behind me and just focus on the critters. They really do provide a peace in your soul . I think you would do great at it and any animal that has you in its world would be lucky to have your kindness go their way. How is it going with your new baby? I'm sure your pup is happy and spoiled in your world. So, I say go for it!!!

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