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Only 4 weeks to go!!!

I have been absent from this site for about a year now. Those of you who remember me will know that after 35 years of living with the effects of the sexual abuse at the hands of my father,I finally found myself in the right headspace to go to the police. Well after 2 years of waiting for the legal wheels to turn in my favour I am finally going to court, in just 4 weeks I get the chance to tell my story to a jury of my peers.

A New Start, A New Life, A New Strength!

I have been off of this site for about a year and how my life has changed in that time! I am a survivor of sexual abuse at the hands of my father 35 years ago. I blogged on here that I was really struggling through counselling, and with my relationship of nearly 20 years to an alcoholic, who had no clue or interest in how I was coping with the rigours of therapy!!! I decided to call time on that relationship, and change my job from being a Prison Officer to becoming a Nursing Assistant.

What do you do when someone lets you down????

I have a dilemma, a terrible dilemma that has the potential for disaster for me and my career!!! My partner and I work in the same jail,although we are in different departments we rarely see each other at work.......My partners boss is my nemisis, a horrid woman who always has to get one over on me, a couple of years ago she was my boss also, needless to say there was agreat deal of friction between us, until I got promoted to Officer and went off to training college.

Why the fear???

Why am I so scared of disclosing my feelings.....I have a councelling session on thursday and am feeling sick to my stomach already!!!

Back to the start again!!!

I have been okay for a while.....why is it when we think things are getting better something comes back in a dream or a memory that starts that whole mess off in our heads again??? Counselling has been good....we have left the daddy thing alone for a couple of months now and just focused on the here and now......then BANG back it all a smack in the face but harsher and more painful.

New Year New Me!

Firstly thank you for your support.

My first time!

I have to say that all of you survivors out there are inspirational. I have never been able to find any like minded people who know how it feels to carry on living a "normal life" after abuse. I am only just now able to talk about certain aspects of what happened to me,35 years later. I have been in therapy for about a year and am just getting to the stage where I am able to talk about the acts themselves, I haven't even touched on the emotional side of things yet.

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Stacey is free. In January 2009, Missouri Governor Matt Blunt commuted her sentence of life without parole. She is currently speaking out about sexual abuse and sharing her message of love, healing and forgiveness.

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