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  • Taking Chances

    I’m taking a chance, a chance to see what else is out there.  I don’t take to change readily because the uncertainty is frightening, but I know tha

  • Dream Houses

    I am living in my “dream house” and it has just been put up for sale.  It is my 7th dream house.  A client of mine asked me how I could

  • Take-away From Lance Armstrong

    I’ve followed Lance Armstrong for years.  Being the cynic that I am, I have never been able to totally buy into his innocence……but I have wanted to

  • Taking Responsibility

    As a psychotherapist, my client base consists of a fair amount of childhood abuse survivors.  Some were physically abused, some sexually, some psyc

  • Tis The Season To Be Guilt-Free

    The holidays can be among the most difficult times for those with sexual abuse histories.  It is so easy to become overwhelmed, even in the most pl

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About Stacey Lannert

Stacey is free. In January 2009, Missouri Governor Matt Blunt commuted her sentence of life without parole. She is currently speaking out about sexual abuse and sharing her message of love, healing and forgiveness.