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Twin Sisters on Oprah

More than any other celebrity, Oprah has done her part to take the shame and mystery away from the subject of child sexual abuse. If you've watched the show this season, several episodes have been devoted to this important topic. (Stacey Lannert appeared on Oprah almost two years ago.) I was moved by the recent appearance of the twin sisters, Kellie and Kathie, who were raped daily by their brothers and fathers. The story was heartbreakingly brutal and sad. But their story had the best possible ending. The sisters bravely told a neighbor what was happening. That neighbor didn't act immediately, but she did act. The proper chain of events happened: authorities were called, supportive adults stepped in and perpetrators were charged. Eventually, the brothers and dad were sent to prison for their crimes. The sisters were obviously still healing, but at least they saw justice served.


I am profoundly grateful to Oprah for being so open and honest about child sexual abuse.  She understands some of the complicated, and confusing side effects of this horrible situation.  I too watched this episode.  Every time I hear a new story about this type of abuse, I wish I could reach out to the victims, give them a safe hug, and tell them they are not alone.  Sexual abuse, when perpetrated by family members, can victimize us in additional ways.  We can lose any semblance of family.  I always feel so alone.


Dealing with the agonizing effects of child abuse is hard enough, but when you don't have a mom, to ask for child rearing advise, for a shoulder to cry on, to go shopping with, and hundreds of other things, it hurts.  When you don't have a dad... when the term is so repugnant to you, that you can hardly utter the word.... when you grow up with siblings, who are lost to you for various reasons, it is really hard.


I don't know who first said, "It takes a village to raise a child", but they were so right.  I needed a village to help raise my children, and didn't have one. I wish I had had a village to help me through a lot of things.  I didn't have one, but these girls could, if they knew where to look.  There is another publicized situation here in Utah.  I hope all girls and women, who find themselves in this situation can find help.  I want to thank you for helping Stacey with her book.  With your help and hers, another story is being told... another reference is made to web-sites like this.  A village is being formed.  Thank-you   

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About Stacey Lannert

Stacey is free. In January 2009, Missouri Governor Matt Blunt commuted her sentence of life without parole. She is currently speaking out about sexual abuse and sharing her message of love, healing and forgiveness.