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I caught me a wolf !!

thats right, dear sisters !  i stumbled across a cache of pictures whilst cleaning old hard drives at my workplace (a computer repair shoppe).  these pics were of girls from a myspace/facebook kind of page which this young twenty-something wolf had saved to his hard drive, then slathered inappropriate and ungentlemanly things beside.  concerning his desires and fantasies and what he'd like to do, etc.  no need to go into disturbing detail - suffice it to say that while the pics were 100% innocent, his musings were not.

i fired up one of my nifty computer tools and undeleted a handful more - hoping to find something to personally identify the dirtball (or illegal ones to convict him with).  struck paydirt with a partially deleted image where he used his full name.  heh heh heh, i cackled - gotcha now !

calling up my own facebook account, i tracked the little dirtball down and got positive hits of the pictured girls from his friends list.  and noted that several of the girls he'd been fantasizing about were his Aunt and her jr. high and high-school age daughters.

so i summoned the local constable and showed him my findings.  he went thru them, noting that while the pics were not illegal, he was obviously a frickin disturbed individual who needed to be checked out AND now he was on their radar  :)  asked me to burn him a copy of the pics, just in case - could be used as further evidence if mr. sleazebag did anything even slightly questionable.  

then i went one step further.  seems the husband of the aunt was a buddy of a friend of mine   :)  burned another copy of the pics, passed it down the grapevine to the aunt so she could see what this little nephew of hers was doing on his computer.  forewarned is forearmed, so they say.  got a message back along the grapevine telling me how great of a guy i am for helping keep their kids safe.   made my day just that much brighter !

one sicko down, hunting for the next one.....


God bless you! You are courageous.

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Stacey is free. In January 2009, Missouri Governor Matt Blunt commuted her sentence of life without parole. She is currently speaking out about sexual abuse and sharing her message of love, healing and forgiveness.