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Being a Grown Up

I am about to begin my senior year of college, and often joke about what I want to be when I grow up. I am currently a psychology major with a minor in political science. I just recently took the LSAT exam and passed (barely). It is time for me to stop joking and seriously decide what I want to do with the rest of my life.

I chose my major and minor hoping that by this point I would know in my heart what profession I would like to follow. I am still uncertain. I truly enjoy psychology. I think I could help many other people, especially with my background, but I wonder about the pain that would surround me on a daily basis. Far too many of us have seen the horror this world has to offer. Could I find the healing rays of the sun if I constantly fought the demons of the past? I tend to think if I walk the path of psychology, then I would help a few overcome the shadows.

My other choice is law. If a school and the Bar will accept me, I could practice law. I am not entirely certain what type of law I would choose, but I think any type would help to empower me. I have a lot to say and with a law degree, whether I could practice or not, more people would listen. I think this path would allow me to help many people, not just a few.

Any thoughts?

What do you think I should be when I grow up?

What did you want to be when you grew up?


What to choose,huh? Well, I wonder how you would be as a therapist as well,but you do make such a great point. I would love to be able to help people that have had such a hard life,but you are right,it will bring up too much,so ,to help in that area,maybe too hard for you. Law,well,what would be great is if you became a lawyer and used your experience as a way to help victims. Help change laws. Help victims reach out more often. I think if people knew you where by thier side,they may be more likely to speak up. Seems like anyone who knows you or heard your story,just so respects you. I wonder how much change you could make as a lawyer. I feel like the law protects the bad guy and never protects the victim . Not sure if this will help you or not,but I wanted to wish you all the luck in the world with whatever you do. Follow your heart,your gut and what it tells you to do,and you will be fine!!! Take care and please keep us posted.

Passion can get you a long way, Stacey. Winston Churchill's father said that the military was the only option for him because he was such a poor student. Passion made Churchill one of the most influential leaders of all time.

Stick with psychology. If it's really what you want to do, then it'll come together the way it's supposed to. If your goal is to help as many people as possible, then do what you think will best achieve that goal.

I wanted to be a lot of things when I grew up. I wanted to help others. I want to help others overcome the pain of victimization and instill in them the power of themselves. We all have voices and we can help others be heard.


I truly believe every law student should have a back ground in psychology.  My attorney Larry Swall is an amazing man, attorney and founder a family mediation program here in MO. His kindness and thoughtfulness of everyone involved in any case he handles is insurmountable.  

Life will bring you whispers for the paths you shall take.  Spend time listening and it will fall in your heart. Your past is a battle which has left many scars. The wound is a place where the light enters. Scars are something which only show where you've been, not where you're going.  Wear them as badges of honor.

Continue on with your journey sister and keep us posted!  Much peace and love to you!


Stacey, I am so happy for you! It is amazing what you have accomplished in such a short time. The question of a career choice is one that only you can answer. My advice would be to "follow your heart". People are the happiest when they enjoy what they do for a living.

First off, how awesome that you passed the LSAT. Congrats! (I'm so glad that here in Canada we don't have to do those types of tests!) And a huge contrats for reaching your senior year. I'm glad to read that you are enjoying your studies and looking forward to being a read gosh darm "growned up" ;) lol. 

I think that the path you should take will just present itself to you in a out of the blue moment of clarity. You have a ton to offer pre-formal education. Your experiences alone and your wisdom and insight and compassion are so valuable and priceless. You've impacted so many already in so many positive ways, that I'm certain whatever career path you take, you are going to continue to make a huge difference to many people in this world who truly need it. You are a gift. 

You feel a kindred spirit as I'm about to return to school as well, to major in psychology and minor in sociology. I'd love to minor in political science however my school I will attend doesn't offer the option. I too have wanted to study law. In fact, I'd say that the law was probably my "missed" moment in my much younger years. I even debated doing law school later in life now anyhow. I set my mind to really weighing if it was something "idealistic" or "realistic" for me. Personally I realized that it was "idealistic" for me and not at all "realistic". We live in different countries with different law systems, so granted our experiences if we pursued law would be different in many ways. I think however some concerns of mine may be applicable universally. For me, the deciding factor to finally put to rest my law school dreams/ambitions, was when I realized that one person sadly cannot change an entire flawed system. I'd want to change it! I would struggle every minute of my career emotionally by hitting the walls in the systems that I could not break down. Frankly, I realized that the very system I'd love to change would ultimately ruin me. I would never be able to work without insane boundaries that bind me and my abilities to truly hope where I wanted to. For me, the few rewards that would inevitably be had, would pale in comparison to the realization every day that I was often very powerless to help where I wanted to and how I wanted to. I decided I want a career where Im in the driver seat of how I help and not bound by the beauracry of the legal system. 

Whatever you do Stacey, you're going to touch many people as you already do. My best advice is to follow your passion, whichever route that passion takes you. In what role do you believe you yourself would gain the most fulfillment? Life is so incredibly short, so I'm a firm believer in doing what you believe will make you feel content, proud, whole and genuinely fulfilled, more days and moments than not. 


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