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Random Acts of Kindness

Yesterday I took the LSAT test again. Passed the first time but I wanted a higher score because scholarships are based on both GPA and LSAT scores. The LSAT is a brutal test. If you ever get bored search out a few questions, they will keep you occupied and humble you. The first time I took the test I did not study for it, I did the second go round, so hopefully I did better. I have been accepted to a law school but still have a few others I am considering, and have to decide where I want to live.

After the test I was starving and really craved lasagna. I don't eat pasta often, but thought I should celebrate just finishing the test. I went to a restaurant and sat by myself in a booth and ate my dinner. When it came time for the check, a couple had paid my bill. At first I was a bit taken aback - did I look like I couldn't pay for my own dinner? Did they recognize me? Did I look pathetic eating by myself? Then for just a second I stopped thinking about me and thought about them. What a wonderful thing for someone to do. It doesn't really matter why they did it. I have no idea who they are or how I could thank them, but maybe that was the point. The couple who paid my bill simply wanted to do something nice for someone else. They didn't want credit and the reason they did it is their own and I can just be a grateful recipient.

This moment really reminded me that sometimes we just have to get out of our own heads - we have to let go. If you focus on negative, you will never see the beauty life offers. We always have a choice - I could have chosen to focus on the why (and let it create anxiety) or I could focus on being grateful (and enjoy that someone did something nice).

When you grow up the way we did, it is difficult to accept that sometimes people do nice things just because, but it does happen. Next will be my turn to pay it forward and create a random act of kindness.


That's absolutely true.  With our upbringings and all of the tragedies about which we hear, it's hard to accept the fact that there are still nice people out there looking to do some good.

I waited tables at a small cafe in a local town a few years ago and a gentleman had paid for the bills of the other two tables in there when he paid for his own.  He didn't want them to know that it was him, so when my table was ready to pay, I told them that their bill was paid.  They were ecstatic that someone would do that.

If only I were as smart as you, Stacey.  Let us know how you did on the LSAT.  Good luck on your law school adventures!

Congratulations on retaking the test Stacey. I hope that whatever school you choose and city you choose, that you land somewhere that feels like home and safe and a place to thrive. 

Please keep up the posts. I look back often and I get that you're busy. But you are often in my mind and I wonder how you are doing, what is going on with you, and you inspire in moments that many of us really need that inspiration. 

Whatever reason that your meal was paid for, its called paying it forward. You probably will never know "why" but just imagine who might have seen you, realized who you were, and watched you enjoying your meal and smiled at how far you've come. 

Keep smiling, keep living and keep striving for your dreams. You are meant for great things, and even small things can be great (like inspiring so many of us here). 


It's funny...I love doing things for other people but often feel awkward when someone does something for me. It is a two-way street. LOL I'm learning to accept my blessings and not question them. The reason behind why the couple paid for your meal doesn't matter. It may have been simply a decision they made to pay for the next person they saw having a meal. After all, it is called a random act of kindness.

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