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Suprising & Useful app from the DOD Safe Helpline (Not Spam)

This week I discovered a new app for my phone, thanks to an email from RAINN. It is an app produced by the DOD - the Department of Defense and it is for sexual assault survivors. I must admit that I was leery of the app but decided to check it out. After I downloaded Safe Helpline and navigated around it for an hour, I was amazed.

The app was produced for sexual assault survivors in the military, but is useful for anyone who has undergone a traumatic event. If you click on the exercises button, you see numerous tools that can be used for coping. Many of the exercises I employ daily.

The exercises include meditations for:

  • At the beach
  • Focusing on the present
  • Guided breathing
  • Guided muscle relaxation
  • Listening to soothing sounds
  • My safe place

If you have your phone set on auto lock you will need to adjust this setting because the app does close when auto lock engages.

I would like to encourage you to download and use this app,it is filled with coping tools that all of us can use. The meditations help to keep me grounded, to help me breathe, to help me live in the present, and to help bring about an awareness of my body.



Thank you for this app: I'm downloading it now.

I find myself using this app more than I thought that I would. I am so glad they produced this app and have it free of charge for everyone to use. I hope you find it useful.

I also use another app from Sharper Image: it's the sound soother (none of the exercises, but it helps, too). Both apps have gotten significant use on my iPhone.

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